Faith Lutheran School

Faith Lutheran School

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Menu for the end of 2010

Only two weeks of menus left in 2010. Amazing...
So... here goes

Monday December 20
Cheese Omelet
Mini Maple Pancakes
Baked Apple Slices
Orange Juice

Tuesday December 21
Super Santa Sack Lunch!

The following days are Touching Hearts Only. Main dishes are listed, fruits and veggies will be, as usual, cook's choice.

Wednesday December 22
Beef Patty with Loaded Potato Strip

Thursday December 23
Beef Ravioli

Friday December 24
Merry Christmas!

Monday December 27
Beanie Weenies

Tuesday December 28
BBQ Beef Sandwich

Wednesday December 29
Shells and Sausage Casserole

Thursday December 30
Chicken Nuggets or Strips

Friday December 31
Happy New Year!

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